DJ Profile - Paul Collins


Paul’s been presenting a weekly show on Solar Radio for the last 6 years featuring two hours of rare grooves and modern soul flavours from the 70s and 80s, with the occasional trip into the decades on either side.


He’s also been podcasting the show via his website for almost 5 years, with the show being downloaded more that 250,000 times from over 100 countries. Paul got interested in soul music at the beginning of 80s, living in Essex where there was plenty of local gigs to further the education.


Normal life, work, moving to London, mortgages, etc took him away from things for a number of years, but he eventually started buying music again in the mid 90s when he moved back to Essex. Although he doen’t see himself as a DJ as such, He does enjoy the chance to spin a few tunes to a like minded audience, which is exactly what the NLS Festival can do.


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